Ends of the Earth


Jimmy and Ann Aycock

International Leadership Institute Associate Director of Training with a focus on the 10/40 window.

Equipping Leaders and Spreading the Gospel. ILI trains and mobilizes more than 15,000 leaders each year through the Eight Core Values of the most effective Christian leaders. They live in more than 105 nations and speak more than 200 languages. They are highly committed to impact their communities and nations. The ILI Vision is to change history by accelerating the spread of life-transforming power of the Gospel through leaders of leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit.  The ILI Mission is to equip Leaders around the world to reach the lost in their own nation.


Joel and Maite Aycock

His Hands Mission International

Joel Aycock married Maite Rosa, a resident of Honduras, on February 2, 2008 in El Paraiso, Copan, Honduras, where they are currently living and working. Joel makes filters in El Paraiso and carries them to the surrounding villages with the help of local church and community leaders. With each filter Joel installs in a house/school/church, he has the opportunity to share with the residents of the communities about the power and love of God and the salvation that He offers through His son Christ Jesus.


A 501c3 non-profit organization with the dream of making the Living Water of Jesus Christ available to people all over the world while supplying humanitarian efforts to help better their way of life. Our Mission is:

  • Provide for the physical and spiritual needs of people in remote areas.

  • Teach and train people in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Start/develop water filtration projects and other projects to improve community health and welfare.

  • Teach communities how to complete and maintain these projects independently.

  • Train leaders to continue the mission in neighboring communities

For more information: hishands.ws



Neal and Kristen Bond


Neal and Kristen have been living in South Asia for about a year and a half. They are living in the areas of the world with the least amount of access to the Good News of Jesus.  They have experienced great pains and great kindness, just like many who have left home for  the Kingdom of God.  One of the greatest discoveries that they have found is the model for entering a new community depicted in Luke 10  In this passage Jesus send out the 72 very new disciples to go and share the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  He tells them to go directly to the “house of peace,” and nowhere else.  This formula has been used to influence their strategy in South Asia, and enabled them to form a deep connection there.



Julia Crim

Director of the Accelerate Initiative and Associate Director of Training at the International Leadership Institute 

Equipping Leaders and Spreading the Gospel. ILI trains and mobilizes more than 15,000 leaders each year through the Eight Core Values of the most effective Christian leaders. They live in more than 105 nations and speak more than 200 languages. They are highly committed to impact their communities and nations. The ILI Vision is to change history by accelerating the spread of life-transforming power of the Gospel through leaders of leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit.  The ILI Mission is to equip Leaders around the world to reach the lost in their own nation.

Dr. Roman and Elsa Cruz and Norma Argote

Christian Social Ministry in Honduras

Love One Another.  “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

Dr. Roman Cruz is the national Director of Christian Social Ministry of Honduras.The vision of Christian Social Ministry is to reach the entire country of Honduras with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of His word, so that their lives may be impacted eternally for Him.  Their mission is to serve the poor in Honduras with love, “praising God, enjoying the favor of all the people.”  (Acts 2:47)  This is accomplished through a myriad of important compassion ministries and programs, designed to improve the quality of life for impoverished families and provide a vehicle to share Christ’s love and salvation message.: medical clinics and brigades to rural areas, nutrition and feeding programs, assistance with school supplies and educational needs, and community gardens, just to name a few.





Charles and Mary Alice Ivey

Mission Society- Huancayo, Peru

Arthur, Mary Alice, and Mary Beth are in their 10th year serving in Peru as missionaries  with The Mission Society.   Jesus called Arthur to evangelism and discipleship through the story of the resurrection of Lazarus in John 11.  Also, he was called specifically to Peru through a newspaper article on Peru.  God wants them to bring his precious treasures, the Peruvians, back to life through Jesus Christ, and to see them set free from spiritual strongholds in their lives.  Mary Alice was called to missions through Genesis 12, which is the story of how God called Abram to obey Him, go to another land, and to be a blessing to the people there.

Arthur has a strong call to disciple youth and adults in small groups and to train the Peruvians to do the same for others.  Mary Alice has a call to minister to children through weekly Kid’s Clubs. They also work with teams that come from the states that do evangelism, discipleship, Christian business training, and medical campaigns in different places in Peru.  Their hearts’ desire is to see people set free in Christ so that they can do what He has called them to do.

For more information: Mission Society-Peru



Mary Kay Jackson

Mission Society-Ghana

Water is life.  None of us would disagree.  We all have been thirsty, we all understand.  Whether in the hot summers of Alabama, the hotter, more humid equatorial tropics of southern ghana, or the even hotter semi-arid savannahs of northern Ghana, “water is life” is not just a saying- it is a reality.  But in Ghana water is not always life.  If you live in a northern village that relies on a small pond for your water, you may not have water all year round.  What do you do when the water dries up during the long eight months of the dry season?  And even if you do have water, is it safef?  Sometimes having water is not a blessing- it is contaminated with bacteria or parasites that can kill you.  Preventable waterborne diseases like diarrhea are the second killer of children here, behind malaria.  

When we drill a well, a village is blessed with the gift of safe drinking water.  There will be plenty of water year round.  the children will be less likely to get sick.  The village will have water to share with visitors and weary travelers who come their way.  All of these are life changing benefits to a village.  But how much more life changing will it be if they share Jesus, the Living Water, with each cup of drinking water.

For more information: Mission Society-Ghana





Arthur Kraai

Send International-Japan

Currently serving with SEND in Japan working to reach the youth in Japan for Christ. SEND International is an evangelical faith mission community committed to mobilize God's people and engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches.

God has blessed SEND with planting 59 churches in about 60 years of serving in Japan. Workers are involved in a variety of ministries, including camping, sports, education, music, and more, all focused on some aspect of planting and growing reproducing churches. Currently there are about 36 missionary units serving with SEND Japan. As part of its plan to reach young people, SEND has a strategic partnership with Hi-BA Japan. Hi-BA is a ministry of evangelism and discipleship to Japanese and international high school students through after-school Bible studies, large group meetings, special events, camps, youth rallies, and accountability groups. Hi-BA seeks to support the Japanese church by training high school students to reach high school students for Jesus Christ. Our desire is to be involved both in frontline evangelism and discipleship as well as in a ministry of equipping and resourcing churches throughout Japan for youth ministry. By partnering with Hi-BA in addition to working on a church planting team, we hope to strengthen the local church’s ability to reach young Japanese for Christ.

For more information:Send International-Japan




Dr. Edwin Leon and Hilario Mess

Church of God World Missions

Twenty four years ago just out of medical school, God Called Dr. Edwin and Tirza Leon to serve him full-time as medical missionaries.

Currently, Dr. Leon and Tirza are serving in Belize with Church of God World Missions, training missionaries and promoting missions in Latin American countries. Dr. Leon's desire is for all to know God's love, and that God does not want any to perish but that should come to repentance. Although the opportunities to give medical attention are not many, they are joyful that they can do the work to bring health and hope of salvation to the needy and poor of spirit.

The purpose of the Church of God World Missions is is to bring the gospel to others in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth, fulfilling the great commission of God using all possible strategies: medical social projects, training of workers for the mission field, and raising awareness and mobilizing the church.

For more information: Asbury Mission Department



Ernest Mall

Reaching Indian Ministries International

Reaching Indian Ministries International (RIMI) RIMI's India based ministry is called MISSION INDIA which is located in Nagpur, Central India. Today they have over 1,300 church planters with over 8,950 house churches, a leading theological seminary in Nagpur with 27 regional training centers.

The mission of Reaching Indians Mission International is to expand Christ’s Kingdom through evangelism and church planting, which is further advanced by leadership development and compassion services to all people especially the poor and marginalized people of the society including Dalits, rural women and slum children. The social and economic development programs include: health care, educational centers, orphanages, micro-finance, vocational training, literary training, and much more. There are many compassion projects including our 18 Mercy Homes and Helping Hands program, which together serve over 440 children. Reaching Indians Mission International is involved improving health awareness through various medical training seminars and by building a 100 bed hospital in Nagpur. They are also establishing village English medium schools, providing employment opportunities through micro-finance, and providing vocational training for poor and marginalized people.

This year about 500 students will be trained to become tomorrow's influential leaders for transforming South Asia and Beyond.

For more information:Reaching Indians Mission International




Cindy McCarver and Ruth Womack

Hope for the Children International-Romania

Moved by this suffering that began in 1991, the first employee of HCI 1991 to visit the children in the state institutions, to give them food next to a piece of attention and love that many missing so painful. Soon we realized that we give holyday alone with these agents to children no better future. 1995, we began after a parcel for our planned Children's Village in Dorohoi to search, so we could have a new life in a healthy environment for abandoned children. Six years later, we were able to move to previously recorded children in the first houses of our village children.

In 2004, we inaugurated our then kindergarten, which now also includes a nursery for small children aged two years.

Since 2009, the children from primary school age teacher at our "Cornerstone School". It is a private school to a western standard that is being visited, in 2011, of 170 children from the neighborhood.

When we began our work in Romania 20 years ago, abandoned or severely neglected children were housed exclusively in government, anonymous homes. Meanwhile, the Romanian government is trying to build alternative structures and accommodate children in foster care, among others. The high number of children affected and the poor economic situation makes it the person in charge, however, impossible to give all children the care of a family. HCI We want to help to alleviate the suffering of our work. Our vision: to create a bright future with care and education impoverished children.

For more information: Hope for the Children International



Dr. Florence Muindi and Tom Kemner

Life in Abundance

Founder and President of Life in Abundance. A medical missionary since 1989, working throughout Ehiopia, Kenya, and Sudan. For the last 15 years, Life In Abundance has been unwavering in our mandate— to “declare the glory of God to the nations, His marvelous deeds among all people” (Psalm 96:3). That vision guides us in every undertaking. God made it clear to us that LIA’s role in His Kingdom vision is to serve the poor, that they may have life and have it in abundance. By God’s grace, LIA is mobilizing the local church to restore health, renew hope and inspire lasting transformation for the most vulnerable families. And the fruit of these efforts is apparent among the nations! It is clear that in order for the world’s most vulnerable people to be restored, and for the world to look more like the Kingdom God intended, we – the global Church – must implement sustainable solutions. To look at existing ways of “helping” and alter the course of action, that the result equates to lasting change and dignity for the people and communities being served, rather than dependency.

LIA sought to innovate effective ways to serve vulnerable communities, enabling them to participate in their development, own the process and manage change at a level that they can sustain. The results have been rewarding! We have piloted models, learned lessons and improved, continually innovating to adapt to the evolving circumstances that face the world’s most vulnerable people. In time, we have replicated our model and piloted programs in several countries to impact hundreds of communities and thousands of people. It is a great story of good news for the poor. It’s the Mission of Jesus continued today.

·     We serve to empower: LIA shares our vision with local churches among the poor, endeavoring to equip, train and grow them, so that they can carry out their God-given mandate to serve the poor.

·     We wake the Giant: God’s Church – his body of believers – is larger than any one denomination or group of Christians. We seek to engage the global Church, to stir his believers to serve the poor and utilize that channel to share the gospel and declare his Glory.

·     Africa-focus, expanding presence: Our focus thus far has been to strengthen the African church to meet the needs of their most vulnerable neighbors. This has led to partnerships in some of the most challenging countries in Africa, for which we praise God! We are continuing to replicate these efforts in broader areas in Africa and into the Caribbean (more on this later).

·     Strategy: In communities where we serve, once the local church has been mobilized and equipped, we initiate development work with our signature orphan and vulnerable children program, serving the most vulnerable and their families. This three-year program matures the church and the community, and equips them to engage in issues of development with supplemental programs, making way for true community transformation.

For more information Life in Abundance  




Tinjau- Indonesia

Asian School Ministries

We are called to serve God among the villagers and unbelievers.  god puts burdens on our hearts to help the poor children, to teach them as we believe. By teaching them we can lead them to come to know Jesus. We realize that no matter how high or good the education of a person is, as long as they do not know Jesus, then they are not saved.  However, many people want their kids studying at a high standard school.  But we at the Asian School Ministries realize that low cost school/education might help the poor children and teach them daily about Jesus. Our vision is to provide pastoral ministry and reach out to the remote places of our villages.

For more information: Asbury Mission Department



Terry and Karla Smith

Wycliffe Bible Translators-Huanuco, Peru

Karla and Terry have had a long and fruitful history serving Christ through Wycliffe Bible Translators. Over the years they have lived in Bolivia, doing leadership training and native assistance programs, lived in Texas where they were staff members at Wycliffe’s training camp and for the past 27 years have been located in Peru where they have worked on Bible translation and Scripture promotion with the Panao Quechua people.

The Smiths travel throughout the province of Pachitea, home of the Panao Quechua people, holding Scripture-in-Use reading workshops in churches and entire communities. The new testament has been  completed  for these people and plans are in the works for training a team of Quechua people to begin old Testament translation and to produce Bible story-based books to promote reading skills and text comprehension.

Terry and Karla Smith have translated the New Testament into the Quechua Language in Peru and host Scripture in Use Workshops to help bring God's word to the unreached people of Peru. The Panao Quechua people of Peru are learning more about praising God. Translation team leaders Terry and Karla Smith give thanks that as the Psalms are being translated and taking form, people are interacting with the message and learning to praise. Pray that the translations and studies of the Psalms will touch the hearts of the Panao Quechua people, and that they will begin to experience the joy, safety and life found in God's closeness, as opposed to seeing Him as distant and disinterested.

For more information: Wycliffe



Bryan and Beth Tatum and Jherson Lopez

Mission Society-Costa Rica

Our family is honored to serve a mighty God, who allows us to follow Him and serve the children, youth, adults and families of Costa Rica. Our family moved here in 2009, and we did not speak much Spanish.  Our first year was spent learning the language, the culture and the people.  In our second year, we had worked in different areas, mainly rural, of Costa Rica, served as house parents to a chidlren's home, worked inside the prison, gave our testimonies, and served on a team traveling all four corners of the country to deliver Christmas gifts.

We are currently focused on serving communities by working inside the public schools.  This enables us to share God's word and love to the children.  Through this we are able to work with the youth and parents in the area.We work inside the schools by: Teaching English, giving weekly Bible lessons based on the Virtues and Special Play days.  This has given us the opportunity to work with the teachers and is opening the door for monthly parent classes.

We are able to lead short-term teams that help in many areas- medical, Bible classes or presentations for children, youth, adults or families, light construction for the public schools, praying for communities and families, offering free services to help enrich a community.

We assist the youth in our church by helping the Directors with their weekly meetings, special ministries, mission trips and camps.Beth is co-leading Celebrate Recovery and giving individual coaching to the women in Buen Pastor, a women's prison.We are able to assist communities by supporting their local churches through trainings, weekend promotions, concerts, medical and dental care, Bible lessons, crafts and games for the children, Bible lessons for the youth, adults and families.

For more information: The Mission Society-Costa Rica




Talsy Vega and David Vega

 E3 Partners Ministry-Panama

Serving in Panama for more than 16 years, her US partnerships have helped bring more than 14,000 people to Christ in Central America.

Talsy Vega and  E3 Partners Ministry is aggressively equipping leaders evangelizing and establishing churches throughout Panama. On the hearts of the Vegas the Lord has laid the hardest to reach, indigenous people of Panama. Much of their ministry in Panama is “extreme,” requiring 4WD vehicles, dugout canoes, hiking and camping. Mostly Spanish or English, there are a number of indigenous people groups in Panama, including Guaymi, Bugle, Teribe, Kuna, Embera and Wounaan. The majority of the country’s 3.3 million residents, practice tribal beliefs that appease the spirit world (by sacrifice and other means) and these practices are the focus of the religion.

The mission is to carry the good news that Jesus’ sacrifice has been accepted by God and salvation is now free throughout Panama, equipping leaders and establishing churches at every stop along the way.  The response of those that have already heard this Gospel is amazing!

The overall goal of E3 Partners is to establish a gospel-preaching church within walking distance of every man, woman and child throughout the world. In Panama, the government has accomplished the hardest part for us. Today, a government-built school exists within distance of nearly every child in Panama. So we find the schools, find out if there is a church nearby and, if not, take the steps necessary to plant one. This is our challenge. This opportunity does not require any special ability...merely one’s availability. Come with us to Panama.  Make yourself available.  Your life will never be the same.  Your faith will increase in ways you never thought imaginable. You will return to your home forever changed. You will see the Book of Acts come alive before your very eyes.

For more information:E3 Partners Panama




Mary Wagner

E3 Partners in Rwanda and India

The Mission-True healing and reconciliation comes only through Jesus Christ ... proclaimed by Christ’s church. With a median age of 18.7 years; an estimated 100,000 households headed by children 12 years old or younger; with over 500 thousand orphans, the Rwandan people’s need to hear and receive the good news is truly monumental!

The Opportunity-The Rwandan Church, though bold and courageous, is small and ill-equipped to complete this generation’s necessary work in Africa’s most densely populated country. With more than 10 thousand new churches needed to serve the surging “walking population” of this mountainous, rural country, pastors and church members need training, discipleship, and resources if they are to victoriously model the person of Christ to communities that have been deeply wounded by hatred, betrayal and terror. Lord God, we at e3 Partners Ministry lovingly embrace and enjoin our Rwandan brothers and sister’s daunting challenge! This opportunity does not require any special ability...merely one’s availability. Come with us to Rwanda. Make yourself available. Your life will never be the same. Your faith will increase in ways you never thought imaginable. You will return to your home forever changed. You will see the Book of Acts come alive before your very eyes.

For more information: e3Partners-Rwanda/India



Mark Wittig

Christian Union Sports Club-Columbia

The Christian Union Sports Club, officially founded in 1991 in Medellín, Colombia, evolved out of a neighborhood soccer tournament that was organized as a way to reach out with the message of the Gospel to young men who were being recruited into the life of violence and crime spawned by the Medellín Drug Cartel.  Mark Wittig (an MK who spent  the first 10 years of his life in Colombia, and then returned to Colombia 16 years later—1986--to teach at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia), founded the tournament along with other local Christian friends.

A young leader from the neighborhood, a participant in the tournament, gave his life to Christ and began working with Mark in developing a soccer program for adolescents.  While Alvaro Cano would coach the team of young soccer players, Mark would teach them from the Word of God.   Out of this initial group several became Christians, and entered a period of discipleship with Alvaro and Mark.  They later became coaches in the program, and more teams were organized in other neighborhoods of the city.  Over a process of time, the CUSC grew and today has 29 full-time sports staff, 88 soccer teams with 1,700 participants from the poorest neighborhoods of the city, a citywide soccer league, a sports complex with two soccer fields, and a brownie, cookie and cake business that employs 25 young people full-time.

For more information: CUSC

Ray Zirkel

Evangelical Methodist Church-Costa Rica

Ray and Lydia helped to start the Methodist Children’s Home which is a Christ-centered ministry to orphaned children.  Ray is an elder in the Costa Rican Methodist Church and ministers in the Methodist Seminary and Bilingual Methodist High School.  Also, Ray is engaged in church planting and local church development while also serving on the Costa Rican Methodist Health Board.

Our vision for the Methodist Children’s Home is for a family centered home with loving parents and siblings who provide a nurturing environment where the children can come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and where that the individual needs of each child can be addressed.  Each home is being built for 10 to 15 children.  House parents along with any biological children they may have will live with the children in a typical family setting.  The children will attend a local Methodist congregation and when possible, the Methodist School.

For more information: Evangelical Methodist Church






Gloria Anderson

Voice of the Martyrs

Gloria has been active in ministry to persecuted Christians since 2000. God used the book, Eyes of the Tailless Animals, to open her eyes and heart to the cry of persecuted Christians, especially in North Korea. Initially, she began serving members of our persecuted family through praying and assisting VOM missionary reps, Tim and Darcie Gill, in obtaining speaking engagements and conducting VOM conferences. March 2002 Gloria became a VVN Rep, and served in VVN Coordinator positon Nov 2004 - Sept 2009. Additionally, Gloria serves as local church Prayer Room Coordinator; and teaches in Good News Club (Child Evangelism Fellowship). Gloria received a Masters of Nursing Degree and Doctorate in Educational Administration. She is retired Emeritus Associate Professor of Nursing; however, she states, ”serving persecuted Christians is the most rewarding thing I have ever done!”…Worthy is the Lamb…Rev 5:12

For more information: Voice of the Martyrs



Corey Buckner

Downtown Rescue Mission

The Downtown Rescue Mission is a nonprofit organization serving the homeless living throughout northern Alabama and southern Tennessee. For more than 30 years, we have saved numerous lives and have had a profound impact on thousands of others by providing Christ-filled, enriched and compassionate services to those in desperate need.

Mission Statement:

“To meet the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless by providing food, clothing, shelter and education to break the homeless cycle in the name of Christ.”

For more information: Downtown Rescue Mission



Carlos and Carla Cunningham

Voice of Liberty

Local church pastor, Prison Chaplain and the Executive Director of Voz de Libertad. Carlos has dedicated his life to ministering to those in prison.Voice of Liberty North America (VOLNA) is a ministry devoted to sharing the Gospel with inmates, ex-inmates, their families and victims.  Our vision is for Christians of diverse backgrounds and denominations to work together and share resources to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with prisoners and their families in the United States and abroad.  VOLNA is a sister organization to the ministry Voz de Libertad (Voice of Liberty) in Costa Rica founded by Carlos Cunningham.

“The people who sat in darkness saw great Light; and to them who sat in the region and shadow of death Light is sprung up." Matthew 4:16

For more information:Voice of Liberty




Gayla Kidd and Connie Carter

Huntsville Assistance Program


The Huntsville Assistance Program is a group of Christian congregations who desire to provide a ministry of assistance and referrals to needy individuals and families of Madison County, Alabama. This ministry focuses on the non-homeless and strives to achieve its mission by the pooling of volunteers, information and financial resources of its members. The Huntsville Assistance Program also makes every effort to cooperate with the different organizations, agencies, ministries and other faith groups who have a similar desire to support the needy and the mission of the Huntsville Assistance Program.

For more information: Huntsville Assistance Program



Ali Howard

Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries’ free-of-charge,voluntary, faith-based residential program serves young women from all socio-economic backgrounds, ages 13-28, who face a combination of life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, depression and unplanned pregnancy. Mercy also serves young women who have been physically and sexually abused, including victims of sex trafficking. Using proven methods, a holistic approach and professional counselors in a structured residential environment, Mercy has helped thousands of young women be restored to wholeness. Mercy’s goal is to help these young women find freedom from their issues and empower them to serve in their communities as productive citizens.

Mission:Mercy Ministries exists to provide opportunities for young women to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power.Vision: Mercy Ministries is committed to being an effective and well-respected global organization dedicated to transforming lives of generations searching for truth and wholeness.

For more information: Mercy Ministries




Tom Reynolds

His Way

The way is a supportive, family atmosphere located on a beautiful three acre natural wooded setting in Huntsville, Alabama. Residents enjoy a comfortable, secure environment. The residence has 13 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms with several common areas for meetings, study, fellowship, and entertainment.

The mission of the way: We endeavor to reclaim men from a life of addiction, establish them in a spiritual sobriety in Christ, and restore them to productive, Christ-like service in society.

The Way teaches Christ-centered recovery through vocational training and experience. Each resident will be employed in order to create a forum for training as well as help them become self-supporting residence of The Way. Under the direction of Heritage Homes, a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization, The Way continues to offer Christ-centered recovery to men throughout North Alabama.

For more information: His Way



Kathy Hall and Lynette Spearman

Choose Life of North Alabama

Choose Life is a non profit ministry whose purpose is to offer life-affirming choices, education and compassionate counsel to those facing pregnancy-related decisions.

32 years ago, a small group of local individuals came together with a big vision…a vision that grew into an organization called Choose Life of North Alabama. We address the abortion issue at its core; in the hearts and minds of the women facing the decision. We offer free services like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and counseling, and we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with every client.Choose Life is a 501C3, non-profit ministry, which means we are completely supported by private donations from churches, businesses.

For more information: Choose Life of North Alabama



Larry and Deborah Ward

Inside Out Ministry, Inc.

Larry and Deborah Ward founded this organization in January of 2008. It was created to serve primarily Madison city and the western part of Madison County in two ways: Their purpose is to help those who are struggling with providing basic needs of food, clothing and shelter for their families by giving financial and resource assistance while offering hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ to affect a change from the inside-out of each individual; and partner with local churches and civic organizations, becoming a point of contact between the churches and the community to affect a change from the inside-out of each organization. Asbury collaborates with IOM to be a reflection of Jesus’ love to our community by assisting with financial and volunteer resources. We believe this partnership allows us to multiply our ministry, making us more effective in our efforts to fulfill the Great Commission.

For more information: Inside Out Ministry


Andrea Williams

305 8th Street-Jehovah Jireh, Inc.

305 8th Street is a 6500 sq. ft. home located in the heart of Huntsville, AL that was built in 1949 by the McDonald family.  In 1962, the home was purchased and occupied by the Booker family.  The Booker family leased rooms to NASA contractors.  This home, with  11 bedrooms and 4 living rooms seemed ideal to meet the vision of Irene Smith.  She purchased the home in 1979 for the purpose of serving mentally ill adults who had been living in the local missions.  Her vision was short lived when she had an unexpected death, but her dream did not die.Inez Bastin, Ms. Smith’s sister assumed responsibility in 1980 to carry out her sister’s vision.  A few months later, Gordan Bastin joined his wife in the mission of Eighth Street Group Home.  In 1982, two intellectually disabled adults were released from the Department of Human Resources after having been in foster care the majority of their lives.  The Bastin’s decided, without hesitation, to accept these two individuals as members of their special family.

This decision to house two intellectually disabled with mentally ill residents caused Eighth Street Group Home to lose state subsidized funding.   Out of adversity, a new vision was born to serve disabled adults with diverse needs, who all required special care and structured living, in a place where they could be a family.  In 1992, the Bastin’s received not-for-profit, 501 (c ) (3) status and changed the name to Jehovah Jireh, Inc. meaning “The Lord Provides.”Today, we continue to operate on faith and call ourselves 305 8th Street to honor the family that has called it home for more than 30 years.

Our mission is to cultivate a family of diverse disabled adults who are ineligible of receiving state assistance and provide them with a home and opportunities that enable them to grow in their community.

For more information: 305 8th Street




Melvin and Sylvia Allen

Battlefield Ministries, Inc.

Founder and Director of Battlefield Ministries, Inc. and the Harvest Youth Club, a full service ministry in one of Madison County's highest risk areas.

More than 500 missionaries passed through the grounds of the Harvest Youth Club in 2013. Their services, efforts and gifts touched hundreds of youth, parents and others who were served through our ministries. Through gifts of homework help/ tutoring more than 90% of our after-school youth made the ABC Honor Roll. A special thanks to the Asbury UMC Youth Ministries for their weekly support. One hundred percent of our youth were promoted to the next grade. This is a modern day miracle and we give God all the Glory for this great thing He has done!!!! More than 70 youth used our computer Lab for research and reports each day after school, thousands of lunches were served and hundreds of youth were transported afterschool and on various trips. Thousands of clothing, household items and other things were donated and distributed through the Harvest Youth Club Thrift Store. We are very thankful for the hands, hearts and prayers from all of the disciples of God who were led by Holy Spirit to come and serve on the Mission Field in 2013 at the Harvest Youth Club.

For more information:Harvest Youth Club


Mary Lynn Botts

Society of St. Andrew

Our Ecumenical Ministry-The Society of St. Andrew was formed in 1979 as an intentional community of two families called to life and ministry together. It has grown into an ecumenical, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to leading others into lives of faithful community and service. Since our founding in 1979, the Society of St. Andrew has worked to fulfill the mandate of the Gospel in our lives by striving to adhere to the words of 1 John 3:18: Let us love not only in words,but in deed and in truth.

The mission of the Society of St. Andrew is to introduce people to God's grace through meeting their hungers:                                       

Food for the body, God's word for the spirit  Community of love for the heart. Opportunity for those who desire action.

For more information: Society of St. Andrew



Pam Chambliss

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is touching millions of lives… one heart at a time. Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ. The FCA Vision- To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.The FCA Mission-To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

For more information: FCA



Elaine Dickson and Susan Elder

Christian Women’s Job Corps

With the support of trained volunteers and staff, utilizing financial contributions from supporters, and guidance from the Board of Directors, the Christian Women's Job Corps® of Madison County is committed to assisting area women become self-sufficient by equipping them with essential educational, employment, and life skills so that they can become viable contributions to the community.

Women chosen to participate in the Christian Women's Job Corps® program attend intensive life and work skill courses that include Bible study and computer classes. The classes vary in length and are free of charge. The curriculum is designed to give the CWJC® students a firm foundation on which to build a successful life and career.Each student is assigned a mentor, and each mentor is committed to a one-on-one relationship to help build the student's self-esteem, self-confidence and skills essential to success in life and work.

For more information: Christian Women’s Job Corps


Danny Jones

Urban Ministry Inc.


Urban Ministry is the inner city ministry of the United Methodist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Our mission is to serve poor and low-income persons in the Birmingham area with programs of compassion and wholeness. Compassion programs address immediate human needs, while wholeness programs address long-term human needs. Although Urban Ministry maintains its historic identity as a faith-based organization, all of our programs are offered on a completely non-sectarian basis.

Urban Ministry was founded in 1976 in North Birmingham as a response to the economic downturn that came as the steel factories moved overseas, taking many jobs with them. We responded by providing for basic needs through our Community Kitchen, food assistance, and emergency care programs. These programs have continued uninterrupted since that time. We also partner with the Church without Walls to offer a Transportation Ministry to our clients.

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Rebecca Morris

United Methodist Children’s Home

Our Mission is to follow the example of Christ by embracing all God's children ... one child, one family at a time.

The Children's Home makes a real difference in the lives of children. It has helped to transform the lives of thousands of hurting children since 1890. Many of our alumni are now successful adults who are giving back to the communities which gave to them.

The need continues, however, and there are hundreds of other children who require our help. By supporting the United Methodist Children's Home, YOU can make a life changing difference.

We presently offer the following services:

  • Residential Programs - Group homes for children, teens, and young mothers; transitional living homes for young adults

  • Foster Care Programs - Recruitment, training, licensing and support of therapeutic and regular foster homes

  • Family Preservation & Support Services - For families dealing with child abuse and neglect

  • Adoption & Other Programs - Adoption home studies, scholarships and family aid

  • Spiritual Life & Development - Programs and events that promote spiritual healing, growing and living

For more information: United Methodist Children’s Home



Chris Cone

Upper Sand Mountain Parish

Upper Sand Mountain Parish is a cooperative ministry of eight small membership, rural United Methodist Churches serving near 1000 square miles of Southern Appalachian Alabama. The cooperative seeks to strengthen member congregations that they may better serve their members and to provide local and global opportunities for them to become involved in service and community development ministries. Local community people, partner churches and organizations across the U.S.A. enable ministries to take place that could never happen without their support.

For more information: Upper Sand Mountain Parish



Wayne Tesch

Royal Family Kids Camp

In 1990 Wayne left the church position to launch Royal Family Kids’ Camp, Inc. fulltime. In 2008, the organization expanded to include a school year Club and Mentoring program and changed its name to Royal Family KIDS®. In 2012 Royal Family KIDS served over 6,000 children in 160 camps in 35 states and 11 international countries. Eighty thousand children have been enrolled in the camps since 1985.

Wayne and his wife, Diane, have coauthored three books: Unlocking the Secret World, by Tyndale House Publishers (1995); Moments Matter — The Stories of Royal Family Kids’ Camps (2000); and From Despair to an Heir—Healing the Heart of a Child (2008). They wrote a Special Edition 20th Anniversary book—A Week of Memories—A Life of Hope (2010), consisting of testimonials from 20 former campers who have all returned to serve at the camps.Wayne and Diane feel a profound sense of joy and urgency to reach out to the battered, abused and neglected children of this country. They want to see every foster child, age 6-12, experience a life changing camp, club and mentor. Wayne and Diane have seen thousands of volunteers and dozens of supporting churches all over America have help out… but we still have a long way to go.

- See more at: http://royalfamilykids.org/about/our-history/#sthash.FXZw0IWP.dpuf

Royal Family KIDS is the nation’s leading network of camps for abused, neglected and abandoned children…

  • Annually, 3.6 million cases of child abuse*, neglect or abandonment are reported in America.

  • One of these victims dies every six hours due to that abuse*. But you can make a difference — through your support of Royal Family KIDS.

  • Royal Family KIDS, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.

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Ann Pospocil

Asbury Community Thrift Store

If the Thrift Store had a theme song, I have often thought that it should be the song, From a Distance. People both living in, and looking in see an affluent, empathetic and compassionate community. And, indeed Madison is all of that. But down deep, well out of sight, there is a need. Not only one need, but many needs. There are kids that need tutoring. Hey, there are even kids that need shoes.

There are kids whose single parent work two jobs to feed them, leaving their youngsters to fend for themselves most of the time. There are senior citizens who are lonely and need only time. Of course, there are those seniors who need time and help with a utility bill. And there are those who try hard and just don't have the means to provide the basics for their families. We see all of those people. We see them come through the doors of our store. Sometimes they come with a school counselor, sometimes with a minister, sometimes with a friend or even sometimes alone. And we help. We listen, we pray we care. It used to be that the thrift store was in tune to that song, mostly on that helping hand level, but in the past couple of years, the God that meets and exceeds all our needs, has added a new level to what we do. People who have taken a wrong turn need help also. They need a job. They need a support group, they need to have another chance at pride and accomplishment.

And so God leads them to us. And he commands us to love them and give them another chance. And he commands us to give them the dignity of taking care of themselves. One of the blessings he gives us is seeing where that person came from, where he is today and where he is going. And that happens one person at a time.

For more information: Asbury Community Thrift Store



Brad Schelling and Laura Davidson

First Priority of North Alabama



First Priority connects the church to the campus for the purpose of sharing the love of Christ.  Student led clubs meet every week on public middle and high school campuses and the Gospel is shared each month.  First Priority builds a bridge from the campus to the church, where students can be discipled and nurtured in a local body of believers. 


The goal of First Priority is The hope of Christ in every student.


 First Priority of North Alabama





Thom Ewing

Way-FM Radio

Our Mission Using media in a culturally relevant way to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus.

Our Core Values Founded in 1987 as an outreach to youth and young adults, we remain committed to that cause. Our Core Values are our commitment to unchanging beliefs and represent how we live while working toward our mission.

Scriptural Alignment  "We look to God’s Word to guide us in all areas of our personal and professional lives."Psalm 119:105

Prayer“We believe prayer is essential to the wisdom we need and the decisions we make”. James 1:5

Integrity“We strive to live with integrity, honesty and transparency in our public and private lives”.  Proverbs 20:7

Excellence“We are passionate about excellence and welcome vigorous discussion and exchange of ideas united around the common goal of impacting more lives”.Colossians 3:23

Community Impact “We mobilize believers and partner with churches and ministries to demonstrate Jesus’ love in tangible ways to make a difference in the communities we serve”.1 John 3:18

Research Driven “We are committed to ongoing audience research, believing that it’s not about us and our preferences, but about reaching as many people as possible”.Philippians 2:4

Servanthood“We are committed to working together with humility, mutual respect flexibility and cooperation”. Ephesians 4:2-3

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